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The planned destruction of the Clover Leaf Stable - a horse farm located on Woodlawn Rd. in Wilmington DE - is soon to take place.  The Pilot School plans to raze the entire property and construct a new school, complete with playing fields and all other modern amenities.  Conversations I have had with inhabitants in the area have expressed Pilot School’s disregard towards the local community’s wishes and failure to acquire their consensus.  In short, the school is not something that the residents of Woodlawn Properties want and the destruction of the Clover Leaf Horse Farm is unnecessary considering the already available free space that exists in Wilmington DE.  The existence of a horse farm also contributes to the ecological balance of the area and resonates well with the State - potential National Park - that is situated behind.  The construction of the school must be halted!

Many have wondered why renovations could not be done on the already existent school; Pilot School administrators responded: “Several studies comparing the cost of renovation vs. new construction documented that the cost of renovating the current school would be only slightly less than constructing an entirely new state-of-the-art school. While that minimum difference was a consideration the Board chose to build a new school because of the incredible disruption to the children, faculty, and educational process by having almost two years of heavy demolition and renovations occurring in the same building where classes were being held.”

As a graduate of Sanford High School, I have experienced onsite renovations during my educational process  I vividly recall the reconstruction process that took place during much of my stay at Sanford and while I can say that it was not the most pleasant of experiences, there was a deep bonding that took place amongst all of us as though we were part of the becoming of something great.  The decision to relocate Pilot School is an ecologically unsound decision and we Must take the Earth into account when making decisions about our own future.    

Furthermore, Delaware’s move towards the establishment of its first National Park - which includes the state park situated behind Clover Leaf Stables is a sign of our embracing Evolutionary Ecology as an Integral part of our Overall Evolution.  It is quite ironic that while this is taking place, Pilot School plans to raze the horse farm situated in front of it,  

Coincidentally, residents in Appoquinmink School District have rejected a referendum towards the increase of  real estate tax towards the building of new schools.  As one resident states, ” Appoqquinmink has been wasting money for years building more and more schools that are now filled to capacity.”  Filling vacant property it seems is an issue that is being dealt with not just in lower Delaware.  

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